What Is Reiki?

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You can find thousands of articles on Google to help you get more information about the practice of reiki, and I encourage you to do that if you are new to the concept. If you are considering a reiki treatment though, I think it is important to understand what the practitioner that you are connecting with to receive your reiki treatments believes. My definition reflects my practice and the way I perform my treatments.

For me, reiki is a holistic system that uses universal life force energy to create healing on all levels of being– physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  The concept of reiki is that the reiki energy flows from the practitioner to the recipient by the placing of hands in various positions. It is not important that the practitioner know what needs healing, because the ki energy has an intelligence that is drawn from life force. Essentially, the hands on process by the practitioner stimulates the recipient’s self healing–it is about calling in your own energy for your highest good. Reiki is a very personal experience and each person’s results will differ. 

My best advice in regard to reiki is to evaluate for yourself what the benefits of reiki could possibly be for you based on your current experience of life, and try it.

How Can You Benefit From Reiki

What is no longer serving you? Anger, fear, disappointment, unworthiness, judgement and any other negative feeling or emotion that makes you feel toxic is not serving your highest good.

The goal of reiki is to connect to your deeper true self, and discover the divinely guided authentic expressions of love that have always been there.  It is about self-empowerment and connection to your Spirit and eliminating the negative thoughts, emotions and experiences.

Reiki Principles

Just For Today, Do Not Worry

Just For Today, Do Not Anger

Just For Today, Do Honest Work

Just For Today, Be Humble

Just For Today, Be Compassionate To Self And Others

Every Day-Be Grateful

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