Self Love

Exhlale The Past Inhale The Present

Self Love. The world can often be a hard place, and sometimes the only person that you can count on for love, is yourself. It is important to reaffirm your essence and give yourself the encouragement and uplifting that you need during those difficult times. Here are some affirmations to remember, to speak out loud, to print and place in visible areas to remind you of your goodness.

  • I am filled with love and light
  • I have clarity in seeking my true place and purpose
  • I challenge negative perceptions
  • I am grateful every day for the gifts that I have manifested
  • I live my life in harmony and avoid negative energy
  • I am vibrant I set my intentions and follow through on my dreams and goals
  • I set action steps to accomplish my dreams and goals I find joy in ordinary circumstances
  • I maintain hope and optimism
  • I believe in my ability to define my true place I am open and receptive to living on purpose
  • I seek only experiences that will enhance my health
  • I value and cherish my body and am grateful for how well it serves me
  • I reject negative energy from others-it is not about me
  • I take responsibility for my experiences
  • I remember to view life with joy, wonder and innocence
  • I forgive myself for any perceived failures or mistakes
  • I forgive others for not valuing me and recognizing my beauty
  • I live by the golden rule
  • I practice compassion daily, for myself and others
  • I am grateful for my life lessons
  • I recognize that pain is part of life, but suffering is not
  • I know the key to happiness is to stay focused on the present moment

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