Reiki Treatment Session

Hands on reiki treatment

When scheduling a reiki treatment for the first time, I find that it is helpful to have an idea of what to expect from the session.

Scheduling Reiki

Prior to covid, reiki treatments were generally given in person, but currently most of my Reiki treatments are distance treatments with the use of zoom. You can schedule your reiki session here.

Before starting the treatment, I’d like to hear what you feel needs healing in your body or in your life, and I would like some insight into who you are so that your treatment is most beneficial to you. You will be asked what you would like to focus on when scheduling your treatment. If you don’t know, or don’t want to say yet, that is perfectly fine.

Setting Up

I feel that ambiance and creating a the mood are very important, so prior to beginning the reiki treatment, I like to create a setting that will foster relaxation calm and tranquility for me while I perform the treatment, and for you as you receive the treatment. I suggest soft music, burning incense, candles, or a diffuser with aromatherapy oils to set a mood. I recommend that you get into a comfortable lying down position and eliminate all distractions so that you can focus on your treatment.

Grounding Meditation

We begin the reiki treatment with a grounding meditation in order to put you in a frame of mind to receive life force energy.

For my part as the practitioner, I focus on calling in the life force energy in order to begin the reiki treatment– I have my practice for that that I will undertake silently.

Most importantly at the beginning of every reiki session, I affirm that the upcoming that the reiki treatment will be for your highest good. I set this intention, and call in all healers and guides. I encourage you to set your intention as well.

Reiki Practice

Starting at the crown chakra and ending at the feet, I place my hands slightly elevated over each area of the body for approximately 3-8 minutes. I may return to an area depending on what is revealed or I intuitively feel needs more attention. At the end of the session, I disconnect the energy and then allow several minutes for you to process the session.

As one is receiving reiki, they usually become relaxed and may feel heat or tingling, but again it’s unique to each recipient’s experience. Everyone agrees that reiki is a relaxing experience. There is nothing harmful about reiki and my practice doesn’t involve any hands on touch. There is generally no talking during the session, but at the conclusion if appropriate, we might discuss the session and what came up, but that is optional.