Mindfulness Body Scan

Woman relaxing and watching the sunset

Mindfulness Body Scan. As part of a comprehensive gratitude practice, it is vital to give thanks every day for your body, and all that it does to give you life.  Each part of your body performs a specific function and has done so since your birth–every day, every hour, every minute and every second, without you asking or even consciously participating.  Without these automatic bodily functions, we would cease to exist.  We must love, support and appreciate the miracle that is our body.

Close your eyes, and settle into a comfortable position, either reclining or sitting comfortably, arms and legs uncrossed.  As you relax, open your fingers and toes. Sit for a minute just unwinding.  Starting at your toes, consciously feel your toes, and imagine a massage that is focusing on each toe. Move your thoughts to the balls of your feet, and to the heels.  As you visualize the massage of your feet, contemplate all that your feet do for you, how they have served your life and allowed you mobility and movement. Express thoughts of gratitude and appreciation for your feet.  Vow to cherish and love your feet.

Moving up from your feet to your legs, feel the massage of your calves and thighs as sore muscles are relaxed and stretched.  As you sit comfortably, recognize how much your legs have done for your life, and acknowledge and appreciate your legs.  As you appreciate your legs for all of the journeys that they have helped you go on, contemplate exercises that you can engage in to keep your legs healthy and in shape.

Moving up from your legs to your torso and back.  Your back was been the support for your entire body and has given you so many opportunities to enjoy your life.  Feel the massage on the muscles, tendons and nerves in your back and torso.  As you visualize your torso and back, give thanks for each of your vital organs that give you life, and have served you day after day, automatically. Hear your heart beating, observe the breath that your lungs provide, contemplate your intestines, colon, pancreas, liver, and other vital body parts that contribute to your health, and allow you to nourish and sustain your body. Give thanks for your sexual organs that have enhanced your ability to enjoy a sensual and loving relationship with a partner.

Moving to your arms and hands, feel the massage of your muscles and tendons in your arms and hands.  Give thanks for all that your arms and hands have allowed you to experience in life, and how they have been crucial in your personal survival and self-care.

Moving up to your neck and head, feel the massage over your scalp and neck.  Acknowledge your senses, sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch and give thanks for the gift of the senses and all that you have been able to experience as a result of having them. Think about beautiful sounds, music and conversation, sights, art and people, taste, delicious food and beverages, smell, good food and nature and touch, the gift of connection with others.

Give thanks for your amazing body, and all of the automatic functions that it performs for you. Be grateful for the life and joy that you have had as a result of this body that has served you since birth.  Make a commitment to cherish and appreciate your body; engage in rituals of self-care that will keep your body healthy.

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