Chakra Balancing

What Are Chakras? Chakras are referred to as “energy centers”, and each of the major 7 chakras (in image above) relates to certain aspects of your mind, body and spirit. When your chakras are balanced, you can live in a state of harmony and good health. There are many ways to balance your chakras: Meditation… Continue reading Chakra Balancing

Self Love

Self Love. The world can often be a hard place, and sometimes the only person that you can count on for love, is yourself. It is important to reaffirm your essence and give yourself the encouragement and uplifting that you need during those difficult times. Here are some affirmations to remember, to speak out loud,… Continue reading Self Love

Mindfulness Body Scan

Mindfulness Body Scan. As part of a comprehensive gratitude practice, it is vital to give thanks every day for your body, and all that it does to give you life.  Each part of your body performs a specific function and has done so since your birth–every day, every hour, every minute and every second, without… Continue reading Mindfulness Body Scan

Daily Practice

Daily Practice. Maintaining peace of mind and balanced energy doesn’t happen by accident. Some days, it takes a lot of focus and work and every day is not perfect. In order to start your day out with a direction, I suggest that you have a daily practice which will help you focus on maintaining your… Continue reading Daily Practice