What Is Reiki?

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For me, reiki is a holistic system that uses universal life force energy to create healing on all levels of being– physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  The concept of reiki is that the reiki energy flows from the practitioner to the recipient by the placing of hands in various positions. It is not important that the practitioner know what needs healing, because the ki energy has an intelligence that is drawn from life force. Essentially, the hands on process by the practitioner stimulates the recipient’s self healing–it is about calling in your own energy for your highest good. Reiki is a very personal experience and each person’s results will differ. Read More…

Reiki Treatment Session

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Before starting the treatment, I’d like to hear what you feel needs healing in your body or in your life, and I would like some insight into who you are so that your treatment is most beneficial to you. You will be asked what you would like to focus on when scheduling your treatment. If you don’t know, or don’t want to say yet, that is perfectly fine. I feel that ambiance and creating a the mood are very important, so prior to beginning the reiki treatment, I like to create a setting that will foster relaxation calm and tranquility for me while I perform the treatment, and for you as you receive the treatment. I suggest soft music, burning incense, candles, or a diffuser with aromatherapy oils to set a mood. Read More…
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I believe in the energy of the universe and messages that come to me from a variety of sources. Frequently, I use Angel and Goddess Oracle cards to receive specific messages that the universe has for me at that moment.
I find this practice to be inspiring and enlightening and the messages offer me guidance that I value. I offer this gift to you.

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